Holistic Nutrition/Lifestyle Consultation w/Karen

As a nutrition expert, I am saddened to see unhappy people who have been dieting for years, who had special massages, had operations & still did not end up with the body they wanted; people who have diseases called “Western Diseases”, who had a coronary bypass at the age of 40, people who wake up & go to bed tired at night… Nobody should accept to this way of living. Humans life expectancy is 120 years . Unfortunately we lead a life of very poor quality, let alone living for long years.

During this session I will check & analyze your lifestyle, eating habits in great detail. I will pinpoint the problems & will give you the solution.

Once you make your appointment you will be able to download 3 detailed questionnaire to be completed before our session. Also, you will get my book "A New You In 8 Weeks" . This book will give you a detailed, day to day road map to a "Healthy Lifestyle".

Our session might be longer depending your needs :)))


"A New You In 8 Weeks" E Book

Through This Book, We Are Going To Be With You For 8 Weeks. Weekly Menus, Exercises For Each Week, Shopping Lists, Motivational Information, A Diary You Can Keep And So On… Briefly, At The End Of 8 Weeks, We Will Be Welcoming “A New And Healthy Life Style.”

A New You In 8 Weeks.pdf

Vitamin Profile

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Health & Lifestyle Questionnaire

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Candida Questionnaire